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A typical feature of Tarana Seid’s works is the drawing of ornaments right over the picture. All shades of red colour blaze in numerous canvases depicting pomegranates, roses, wildflowers. Golden sunlight spots play in deep water, on fish scales, on the feathers of exotic birds. Episodic cool tones only emphasize this triumph of life – pale-yellow, almost white rose petals, sharp highlights on the transparent glass of a vase, blue overflows of a pattern on porcelain...


Wide, sweeping and pasty strokes of rich tones and shades make her work related to the paintings of the master of national painting of the last century, combined with a purely Klimt’s addiction to golden shades, as if impregnating through the canvas.



Four years later, she received a diploma in painting and took up her personal creativity. She flew into the art world by participating in various group exhibitions. And now, at last, for the first time, she is fully prepared to present her works to the public in frame of her personal exhibition. 


One of the artist’s favorite genres is a ‘still-life’ one. Ecstatic admiration the gifts of gardens and fields penetrates into other genres, where a human seems to complement the regal splendor of nature, and the landscape views are just the causes to show its seasonal changes. 



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